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AGUNSA's mission is "To empower and expand the service to cargoes, passengers, means of transportation and terminals network, with an effective and sustainable offer adding value to clients, vendours, employees and shareholders."

Description of the Company

AGUNSA is a company that can handle all services required by its customers.  It can represent you in countries forming part of its network, structure unique sales units specialized in the customer's product, and implement or supervise the operation and implementation of its services at terminals.  AGUNSA will be safeguarding at all times the interests of its customers.

Aware of the need for expeditious terminals that optimize permanence and facilitate safeguarding the integrity of the relevant goods and individuals, AGUNSA offers an entire range of services required by cargo, both carried and transferred, either itself or through related companies and select suppliers.

AGUNSA's position in the industry of services to transportation, cargo and terminals has enabled it to develop its ability to exploit and operate means of production.  Port cranes, labor, container storage and repair centers, pilot boats and tugboats are also part of its supply of services.

AGUNSA conducts its operations within the organized confluence of diverse players, all communicated in an hierarchy that transcends the scope of their work, thus contributing to its strength.  Perseverant  individuals committed to adding value and perfecting their capacities as well as investors with a view of the future, motivated to develop the grandeur of this company, are the source of its human talent that works as a team with customers posing new challenges.



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